Rendsburger Elterntraining - Susanne Egert - Trainings in der Erziehung

The Rendsburg Parent Training – as a vocational training program for foster parents and in-home daycare providers

The Rendsburg Parent Training does not only enhance the parenting competence of birth parents, but can also excellently be used in the vocational training of foster parents and in-home daycare providers. For both groups a qualification to some extent is desirable and actually indispensable. However, in practice this is sometimes limited to some basic minimal extent. That is why especially foster parents sometimes may feel to be left alone with the foster kids and their profound problems, psychic disorders and behavior problems.

Often the – totally honorable – attitude can be found, that when they give "much love" to the child, everything will be fine. This is a very nice, benevolent attitude, which shows real commitment, nevertheless it does not meet the problems of foster children and in the end usually causes disappointment in the foster parents. Due to their history of life, which sometimes is only partly known, foster children often suffer from attachment disorders, PTSD and depressions. Especially attachment disorders are a great challenge, even for experts and require constant supervision, in order to be able to understand and interprete the child's behavior adequately and react supportively. To keep the professional distance is a challenge, too. Especially foster parents need to know multiple kinds of educational interventions and a broad behavior repertoire for encouraging, supportive and adequate interactions with children. These abilities cannot be taken for granted, but have to be trained intensely!

The same is right for in-home daycare providers: good will and honest striving for supportive parenting behavior is not sufficient for taking care of the children in a responsible and professional way. A qualification is absolutely desirable for them, too. This is especially important, if in-home daycare providers take care of children with special needs. Early disorders as well as behavior problems and developmental retardations require specific knowledge and educational interventions.

The preventive effect of acting professionally in the settings described above also implies economic aspects: unnecessary costs, arising from false reactions (without knowing), can be avoided, too.

The Rendsburg Parent Training is a program which provides foster parents and in-home daycare providers with comprehensive and multiple practical methods of supportive parenting behavior. The program trains this intensely, so that the participants really can apply it. Due to the structured procedure in a group, at the same time the Rendsburg Parent Training is an economic way of qualifying. In addition the in-home daycare providers and the foster parents also gain basic knowledge of the most frequent psychic disorders in children. Thereby it will be easier for them to recognize possible disorders or deviations and get professional help early. This way necessary interventions can be started and aberrant development can be avoided or stopped.

The Rendsburg Parent Training for qualification of in-home daycare providers and foster parents consists of 20 units with 2 hours each on a weekly basis. Alternatively it is possible to organize the course in 3 compact sections.