Rendsburger Elterntraining - Susanne Egert - Trainings in der Erziehung

The Rendsburg Parent Training -
Kindergarten Age

A modification of the Rendsburg Parent Training has been developed for the Kindergarten age. It is meant for the preventive application in Kindergarten at low level, in order to change the parenting style und attitude at an early stage towards a parenting behavior which supports child development.

By supporting the parents early and showing them alternative ways of handling their kids, the program is meant to reduce the probability of parenting problems, parenting conflicts and behavior problems in the children. This way parents' self-assurance in raising children shall be enhanced, and unnecessary conflicts, that often arise due to inappropriate parenting behavior, shall be avoided.

The Rendsburg Parent Training / Kindergarten age is a training especially for groups of parents with all children being 5 years and under. In that case some topics of the 'big program' would remain theoretical issues, as nobody would have a chance to try at once. That is why those units from the 'big' program, that do not really concern younger children, have been skipped, so that the program is shorter. Additionally, one can expect that the behavior problems the younger children show usually are not yet as severe and persistent as in older children.

For groups with children of mixed age the use of the comprehensive program with 22 units is recommended. A mixture of younger and older children in a training group works without problems. Even if some units do not directly effect children, who are younger than 5 years (developmental age), there is a benefit for their parents when listening to the other parents' experiences and thereby learning from them as models for the future. Thus parents in mixed groups do have a benefit from the program, no matter what age their children are, babies or adolescents.


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