Rendsburger Elterntraining - Susanne Egert - Trainings in der Erziehung

The Rendsburg Parent Training

The Rendsburg Parent Training is a curricular parent training program as a course aimed to change the parenting style und attitude. It integrates elements from non-directive, client-centered therapy, learning theory, communication theory and problem solving and emphasizes practical exercises and role play.
The program starts at low level and does not require awareness of the problems in the beginning. It is not linked to the participants' intellectual abilities and education, but also appeals to simply structured parents. By emphasizing the practical training, they are provided with multiple ways of dealing with their kids and with difficult situations.

The Rendsburg Parent Training has been successfully performed for more than 35 years and is equally suitable for preventive purpose and for the application within ambulant assistance, as well as preparing or accompanying reintegration from residential care.




Target group:

Presuppositions in the parents:

Parent training cannot achieve:

The standard setting implies two trainers.
A special edition for the kindergarten age has been developed.
The Rendsburg Teacher Training offers the topics and attitudes of the Parent Training to teachers. It also presents relevant information on the most frequent psychic disorders in children. Learn more…