Rendsburger Elterntraining - Susanne Egert - Trainings in der Erziehung

The Rendsburg Teacher Training

Today school is challenging for teachers in many ways. And while they partly have not been prepared to this during their vocational training, they are being confronted with difficult educational situations every day, and they have to deal with conflicts, motivational problems and behavior problems. School's explicit task to educate reaches far beyond merely teaching knowledge.

The heart is the key
to the world and to life. Novalis

The Rendsburg Teacher Training would like to provide teachers with a broader variety of tools, so that they are able to even better fulfill their task and to cope with difficult situations in a constructive way, to meet the needs of their students, create helpful developmental conditions and an atmosphere which supports learning.

Therefore approaches from client-centered, non-directive psychotherapy, behavior therapy, communication theory and problem solving are being combined and trained intensely. This way the teachers are being provided with multiple tools from which they can choose what they prefer for themselves and what they consider to be the best in a given situation.

As difficult student behavior and conflicts often arise in the context of psychic problems, and because especially students with specific conditions of life and development need pedagogical support, it is of particular importance for everyday life in school to be familiar with the most frequent syndromes, their causes, the way they show and their context conditions. This way it is easier for the teacher to recognize causal relations, to attribute and to explain student behavior and react to it appropriately.

Secondary conflicts, that arise because - not knowing - they deal with these disorders in a wrong way, can be avoided and conditions which support children's development can be created. For the teacher a more satisfactory situation comes up, as she can fulfil her tasks better and also she experiences the positive consequences of her activities directly. Therefore the Rendsburg Teacher Training also includes basic knowledge of the most frequent syndromes in children and adolescents.

Besides basic aspects concerning the cooperation with parents are being presented and trained practically.

The training takes place in 2 to 4 sections. The period between these sections can already be used to try the learned methods, so that the practical experiences can be referred to in the next section and can be integrated into the process. As the practical training is of high importance, the number of participants is limited to 18.

When you admonish the children,
you think you do your duty as a teacher.
Do you know what you are teaching them?
To admonish, my friend. Heinrich von Kleist